Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Untold Story

Everybody has their untold story, something that they can’t tell others. Something they buried alone in silence. Everyone has a life of its own. A complicated life. Something they alone - and God - who knows. They bury it alone. Save the stories that will not be shared with others. Some of their stories deserve to be told, would they tell me. But others, are buried, is behind their thoughts, stored neatly.

If we are talking about something that is not told - we never know - it will be much more than what we know. About everything. On others, close friends, friends, family, even though the enemy. Even ignorance about themselves.

Everyone has it – an untold story, something which is they can’t tell others. We can say it a secret or secrets. Something hidden behind everyone’s face. Something buried in everyone’s heart. They keep secretly, about an untold story.

So, whats your untold story?

Do you mind if you just tell your untold story – your hidden life to me?


Hey, there... so this is about untold story and hidden life. I have a project about this two case. I want to tell you about people’s untold story and their hidden life. So, just tell me what yours. You can send your story to my e-mail in here mia382airi@gmail.com with the subject “secret”. About your identity, its whatever you want, which is important it make you feel good. You can use your real or fake name. Wait two posts first to initiate this project. I will write about the untold story and hidden life. Two posts would I write with Indonesian and English.

You can write it with english or bahasa too. I will accept it and post it to my blog. So, whats your untold story? You can share it in here. At least to make relief.

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