Friday, January 15, 2016


One message received. I just opened it and read carefully. The message is from friend of my friend, but he know about me. And for sure, I know about him too. He asked about my friend who’d like to introduce me with him. “Hi Lamia, long time no see. Btw, how’s (mention my friends name) life? Does she okay?”

“She’s okay,” I’d replied
“Well, can you give me her phone. Mine was lost. That was so sad. How careless me!”
“Ok, wait,” I send contact to him.
“Thankyou Lamia. Btw, How’s your life?”
“....” I silent for a moment.


One message received. I opened and read it. The message is not about me. Just like same the case before. The message asked about my friend. “Hey Lamia. I looking for (mention my friends name). Where is she?”

“I dont know,”
“You are her friend,”
“Just like you,”
“Yes, but not as closer as like you,”
“Okay, but I’m not her Mom. If you are looking for her. Please dont come to me,” I replied it with curtly.


In several days people message me. But the message, weren’t asked about me. They asked about my friend because she is lost. I do dont know where she to go. I’m not her Mom and I’m not God which is will know about her all the thing, all the time. I replied so curtly because I was mad. Maybe I was jeolous. Because people never notice me. Because they just know about me with scars Lamia is “blabla’s friend”. They not know me as “Lamia”. They know me as “Ulala’s Friend”. And that will be go longlast to my life. So they not really notice me – I mean, notice the real of me.

Who will be care?

I hate it to know. But, so what will I do then? I know that people not notice me as they notice my friend. But, I start to dont care and not give a shit. When people just start to asked about her again – I would like to yelled in front of their face, “Hey dude! You know, I’m not her Mom. I’m not Google. Please stop asking about her to me. You know, It sucks to know that you guys just connected with me to know more about her. If you want to meet her, you want to see her, so go on... just come to her home, but please don’t ask me,”

Yes, maybe I was jeoulous because I wasn’t notice than her. But the point is not like that. The point is I need solitude. I just need an ode of solitude. I hate to know  that my phone ringing just for something useless. It was disturb me... and so, I dont want give a shit. Even if I didnt notice, please let me enjoy my silence aerotime

Aish. So just be honest. Are you jeolous? Yes I’m! Ahahah. Why nobody notice me?  

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