Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bubbling Randomly

On this day, I felt very sad. Once again, I curious with my life. Too many mistery that I've never been known. I Just wondering how to take my life and create my future as well as I want. I always thought that I cant do anything. How come my life will begin if I never know how to make it. Well, my cheesy things happen again because I Just read a blog of woman that start her new life. Not literally New life, but I would like to say that she is just starting good life. Well, She just born her first son and will start her Ph. D this year in Netherland. Her husband doing his thesis of his Ph. D in Netherland too.

How perfect life of her! And I was envy so much. Can you imagine it? She and her husband will go school abroad together. What a sweet couple. As a woman that eager to accomplish my knowledge, I would like to go to college abroad too. Well, to see how this couple will go along with educational life just make me so envy. Well, I'm not into marriage. But, if I marry with a man, I would like to choose the man that eager to develop his knowledge and realized that education are the most important thing to survive.

Oh. Man. I started to bubbling randomly again.

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