Monday, March 7, 2016

Grow Stronger

Girls, it’s no matter that you just go along by yourself. You traveling alone, went to the bookstore alone, celebrate your birthday alone, study alone, and do everything by yourself – just yourself. You know girls, it’s nice to know that you’ve done everything by yourself. You don’t have to worry because everything can be accomplish by your hands. You can do everything without people’s help. You can handle all of your things.

Girls, dont worry. You dont need to be sad because you do everything alone. Doing everything by yourself is not necessarily signify that you're lonely . More than that , you probably figure yourself as strong woman. Thus, you only need both your hands and feet to move. So you just need your eyes to see everything from every perspective. Thus, you only need your two ears to listen to all tones , both discordant and rhythmic .

Girls, dont worry. You’re not lonely. Girls, dont sad. You can do everything by yourself and let the world make you stronger than yesterday. Day by day, you just make yourself be strong.

This is just note by my self to my self. Does this sound ironic? In fact any advice, I made ​​it myself for myself . I so look really pathetic. Really lonely. I hate to realized it.

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